Power Bank Wireless Charger

 Laptop Power Bank Wireless Charger Power Bank 25000Mah 3 Usb For Philips


Laptop Power Bank Wireless Charger Power Bank 25000Mah 3 Usb For Philips


Security Features 

• AC power bank has advanced security features 
• Electronic overload protection with automatic shutdown 
• Low battery voltage shutdown 
• High / low voltage automatic shutdown protection 
• Over heat protection and automatic shutdown 
• Output short circuit protection 
• Standby time off 
• Maximum voltage limit for over-charging protection 
• Charging timing / temperature protection

Product Description

Product Specification
Battery Capacity: 23000mAh Li-ion Battery

USB Output Power
Output voltage: 5V
Output Current (Max.): 3.1A

AC Output Power
Rated Power: 85W
Output Voltage: AC110
Output Voltage Frequency: 60Hz
Output Voltage Waveform: Corrective wave

Charging Specification
Charging Voltage: 16.8V
Charging Current: 2.6A


Usage of the portable power bank


Portable power bank not only can be used to supply 110V(Max.) AC power products within the 95W, but also USB ports of a majority of consumer electronics equipments lower than 95W.  The output waveform of portable AC power bank is "corrective wave", the purpose is similar function of the power of sine wave shape. 



Operations of Power Bank


1.Turn on the power switch, press the power indicator button. In use of USB port, the USB port light lights on that indicates the normal output.


2.When using AC power, the AC power switch must be dialed to 'On', AC indicator light red changes to be Green, so AC power output is normal state.


3.If no device is detected, the USB output will be turned off automatically and increase the power to the USB port, The AC power switch will be dialed to the 'OFF'.


4.Turn on the power, the long press 2s and LED light is on, and the long press 2s again to turn off the LED light.


5.If no device connecting to the power bank within 20s, the LCD screen will light off automatically. While no devices connecting to the power bank within 40s, the AC/DC output of the power bank will be turned off automatically.


Laptop Power Bank Wireless Charger Power Bank 25000Mah 3 Usb For Philips

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